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This seminar is designed to strengthen the participant’s ability to negotiate and sell.
Participants will learn to assess their negotiation partner’s motivations and the underlying needs that drive them.  Discussions will then revolve around how to utilize this insight in order to influence others towards goal achieving behavior.
A significant portion of the seminar will then focus on exploring and practicing two influential negotiation tactics:

  • the Harvard’s Principled Negotiation technique, an integrative bargaining approach that strives towards jointly developing a win-win resolution by focusing on the interests, rather than the positions of the parties.
  • the Distributive Bargaining technique a competing, sometimes adversarial framework in which negotiators learn to resolve conflicts of interest through a bargaining process.

Seminar content

  • Motivation and Needs Theories
  • Influencing
  • Harvard’s Principled Negotiation (Positions vs. Interests, Reframing, Relationships & Building Rapport, Independent Standards, Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
  • Distributive Bargaining/ Negotiations (Defining Settlement Ranges and Target Points, Bargaining by Objectives, Pressure Bargaining Tactics)

Your benefits

You develop and hone your negotiation skills and tactics, by practicing effective techniques in hands-on negotiation simulations.

You are able to choose the most effective negotiation technique congruent with the respective culture of your company and that of your business partners.

You are able to understand the motivations and needs driving the behavior of your negotiation partner/ opposite to help you formulate attractive offers.

Upon completion seminar participants are able to

  • differentiate between various negotiation approaches and use them effectively.
  • select the most appropriate approach for a given situation.
  • negotiate in an effective manner.
  • Customize offers that motivate your negotiation partner towards agreement.

Teaching and learning method

This is an online seminar consisting of 3 sessions lasting 2.5 hours each. Participants will receive prework to maximize the outcome of this compressed format. Seminar materials will be made available through Dropbox. The video conferencing app Zoom will serve as our medium of interaction.

The teaching and learning methods include lecture, role-plays, negotiation exercises, discussion. Zoom’s Breakout Room function will be used to enable small group discussions.

Required technical equipment

The seminar will be held via Zoom, the participants will receive the relevant link some days prior to seminar start.
Internet connection, headphones and speakers, if possible a camera (not obligatory).

On the lecturer

Chris Newman is an experienced executive trainer, consultant, coach and educator with a demonstrated history of forging stimulating and transformative learning experiences. Strong management and leadership skills applied to the areas of business development, organizational development and change management.
He worked for Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini, Ericsson and universities, including Webster Private University Vienna, Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt and Donau Universität Krems. Today he is a network partner and trainer for Lighthouse-Organizational Development ( and Conos GmbH (
Having lived, worked and studied in Europe, the US and Asia, he brings a multi-cultural perspective to his work and is fluent in German and English.

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Zielgruppe The seminar is appropriate for all entrepreneurs, business executives, managers, lawyers, sales and retail managers, key account managers, political decision-makers and other professionals, who wish to improve their negotiations skills.
Abschluss Certificate of Attendance

Chris Newman MSc
 Chris Newman MSc

Unterrichtssprache English
Veranstaltungsort Distance Learning

€ 350,00 (exempt from VAT)