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Actively participating in the global teaching and research community not only involves reading and writing in English, it requires switching to English as a Medium of Instruction. The change from teaching in one’s mother tongue to English is more than translating course materials. In addition to in-depth considerations of the manifold roles of a teacher and the corresponding activities, a new language of instruction entails didactic changes. These are determined by the likely presence of different nationalities in the (virtual) classrooms of the future.
The seminar goes beyond providing English language skills for the classroom; it helps teachers to delve into the world of international communication and research as well as knowledge transfer.

Seminar content

  • English in the classroom: idiomatic phrases for instructions, communication with students and classroom management
  • Roles of a teacher and corresponding tasks & activities
  • Didactic changes in the international classroom
  • How to explain processes and procedures in English
  • How to use signposting effectively to structure a lecture
  • How to give feedback and correction
  • How to use English for supervision and discussions
  • Optional simulation lessons: assessment of practical application of English in the classroom

Your benefits

You are able to apply state-of-the art didactics in any international classroom.

You are equipped with a wide variety of idiomatic English phrases relevant for teaching as well as student-centered tasks, which will be collected through reflection on teacher roles in different settings.

You will practice giving a lesson in English and will receive feedback and tips for professional application of English Medium Instruction Didactics.

Upon completion, seminar participants

  • will have gained insight into the roles of teachers in international classroom settings and be able to adapt activities to their students’ needs.
  • will be able to master the language skills needed to use English for imparting knowledge.
  • will be able to apply idiomatic phrases and essential vocabulary for instruction.
  • will know how to combine communicative phrases with their existing expert knowledge.
  • will be able to teach a professional lesson in English.

Teaching and learning methods

The teaching and learning methods are: teacher input / online lecture, practical application, forum discussions, opinion polls & analysis of experiences, mini lectures given by participants, peer feedback and general assessment of mini lectures, film input.

Completion of the seminar

  • Certificate of Attendance.
  • Optional simulation-evaluation lessons and free Oxford Online Placement Test with certificate.
    (The Oxford Test of English is a new, high-quality general English proficiency test. It has been developed and validated by Oxford University Press and independent experts.The FH Campus Wien is Austria's first approved Oxford Test of EnglishTest Centre.)

Required technical equipment

  • Internet connection
  • Headphones and speakers
  • Camera (not obligatory)

The seminar will be held viaZoom, the participants will receive the relevant link prior to seminar start.

On the lecturer

Andrea Zimpernik is a certified Business English trainer for adults and holds a PhD in English language and literature. She currently heads the FH Campus Wien Language Center. In this position, she has developed curricula and taught Professional English in many degree programs, including construction engineering, various technical fields, medical topics and public administration. Additionally, she has successfully implemented English training programs for lecturers and staff members. Andrea’s focus is on hands-on, communicative language learning that makes use of different modern media.

Auf einen Blick

Zielgruppe University professors, lecturers, tutors and researchers whose first language is not English, but who use English to teach students of different nationalities.
Abschluss Certificate of Attendance; optional simulation-evaluation lessons and free Oxford online placement test with certificate.

FH-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Andrea Zimpernik
FH-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Andrea Zimpernik

Unterrichtssprache English
Veranstaltungsort Online

Fees 1: € 490,00 (exempt from VAT), Certificate (simulation-evaluation lessons and free Oxford online placement test)

External participants early-bird: € 400,00 (exempt from VAT, until 10th March 2022)

FH Campus Wien students/alumni: € 400,00 (exempt from VAT)

Fees 2: € 420,00 (exempt from VAT), Certificate of Attendance

External participants early-bird: € 340,00 (exempt from VAT, until 10th March 2022)

FH Campus Wien students/alumni: € 340,00 (exempt from VAT)